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Perry butler

Have placed a couple of orders here now the last one was diable and black mamba
All were good quality only complaint I can say is that they are stingy with their freebies .For my order I received my products successfully.Just a thought for the management team here to consider..

Philips maya

 I’m so glad I found this online store! I was interested in setting up a small shop in my state of Colorado and syntheticincense gave me all the information I needed. By far the best source of getting K2 sprays & Herbal Incense E-Liquids..

Manilla forbes

It all started like a joke when I contacted this website.They got my package shipped out to my home address at the prompted scheduled time discreetly. 

Ellise jane

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sean pierrette

Just got my first order and I could not be happier. Finally a site with great prices, inventory and honesty. I ordered some spice k2 paper. All are good and are the real deal no fake labels. I suffer from constant pain from various injuries and I smoke allot . With this site I will save some cash. You will have me as a customer for a long time, I have already recommend this site to a few of my friends. Thanks again.

Henderson paw

I was lucky enough to find amazing products on their second opening day. I fell in love with amazing products and prices to match. I can’t imagine taking my business elsewhere. Oh, and not to mention super close to home. Thanks, guys! 

Jason brito louise

Super convenient considering there is not much around and super nice friendly place. Don’t feel rushed like at most other places 

Darrent claire

 Thank you to the k2 team for making my friends special with some black mamba. You went above and beyond to help us and made the whole experience enjoyable.

Anderson Raflores

 I love the location. Now I don’t have to travel so far. The service is great. They always seem to have great specials and discounts are always available. Staff is awesome and friendly and courteous and they’re very knowledgeable about the product top-notch in my book.